Software Engineer - Imaging Systems

Reference Number: NL: SW-sr-CA
Location: CA


Software Engineer - Imaging Systems
Summary: This position is for an Software Engineer to be part of a growing R&D team that designs and develops imaging and camera systems.  This position will be a key member of the imaging systems R&D group, developing intelligent 3D vision and depth sensing cameras. 
POSITION: Software Engineer
LOCATION: northern California (San Jose area)
COMPANY INFORMATION:  This position will work with a company that develops imaging products, including Intelligent Imaging Systems, 3D Imaging Systems, Micro-Optical Imaging Systems, Computational Imaging Systems… 
POSITION BRIEF: Software Engineer to design and develop technology and products based on 3D or depth sensing imaging systems, intelligent or smart devices, wearable computing sensors, machine vision and sensing cameras, …
* The position will be a key member of a small R&D team.
* This position will perform lead engineering roles on programs for the development of imaging and sensor technology.
* This position will work on projects end-to-end – from proposal and design, through prototype development and analysis, to product development and manufacturing.
* This position will work with a small, multi-disciplined, highly energetic, and technically ambitious team.
* This position will develop cutting edge, highly advanced, high-precision electro-optical imaging technology.
* This position will perform work on multiple development projects covering the range of the company’s technology and product areas.
* This position will be primarily involved and responsible for developing new concepts, new technology, and new products.
     Candidates for this position must have strong technical experience with the following:
* Imaging Systems, Sensors, and/or Cameras;
* Embedded Systems; and
* C++ coding.
     Candidates for this position must have strong experience developing new technology, prototypes, and products.
     Candidates for this position must have a BS or MS or PhD degree in Engineering, plus strong industry experience is required.
TO APPLY: Please forward a resume (Word version preferred) to:
RECRUITER INFORMATION: The Photonics Group, which recruits engineers nationwide for companies that design and manufacture optical, electro-optic, laser, and imaging systems.  Recruiter contact information is: