Multiple Laser Scientist/Engineering Openings

Reference Number: 060217IPBM
Location: MA

Position:  Multiple Laser Scientist/Engineering Openings
Location:  MA


The Laser Scientist’s primary responsibilities include design and development of new laser prototypes and components. 


• Design, develop, and test all aspects of optical components, equipment, systems, and setups.
• Conduct research that tests and analyzes the feasibility, design, operation and performance of novel laser architectures.
• Provide reports, and work in a scheduled, product-development oriented environment.


 • Degree in Science and/or Engineering required with advanced degree preferred.  .

• Experience with: 
    o Laser research and development
    o Optical and laser characterization
    o Advanced nonlinear optical systems

• MathCAD and/or MatLab experience  (or similar computational tools)

• Proven ability for innovations

• Knowledge of commonly-used concepts, practices, and procedures

• Good aptitude for all aspects of laser engineering 

• Excellent written and oral communication skills

• Ultraviolet laser experience, a plus





The Laser Engineer will be involved in the development of advanced laser modules, assemble bench top, laser-based systems, set up and complete experiments on an optical table, including optical alignment, optical and electrical assembly and testing, gathering and presentation of experimental data.


•Assemble optical/laser hardware and verify the performance of optical components, equipment, systems, and setups 

•Perform endearment and characterization tests

•Operate and maintain variety of optical, test and analytical instruments 

•Provide reports and training to internal personnel




•BS in Science or Engineering, preferably with 5+ years of directly-related industry experience

•Experience with lasers and optical components 

•Experience with optical metrology 

•Hands-on experience with optical and electrical test equipment 

•Working knowledge of data acquisition software, such as LabView 

•Excellent communication and organizational skills



Position:  Laser Scientist
Location:  MA



The Scientist will propose, develop and implement concepts and designs for next generation semiconductor laser products.


- Propose and implement novel concepts and design for next generation high power semiconductor lasers for industrial and telecom applications products

- Lead efforts to fabricate, test, and optimize designs followed by transferring them to manufacturing

- Lead and participate in smaller R&D development projects





- Knowledge of semiconductor and laser diode theory
- Experience in designing, processing, assembling and testing of laser diodes
- Strong analytical and statistical background

Experience Desired:
- Strong technical background in laser physics (thermal, electrical, optical, material science)


Education Required:
- BS in Physics or EE, advance degree preferred
- relevant working experience, industrial experience is desirable


Brian Murray

The Photonics Group