Opto Mechanical Engineer

Reference Number: 041818BMCAMA Opto
Location: MA and CA

Position:  Opto Mechanical Engineer
Location:  MA and CA


We are looking for a talented Opto-Mechanical Engineer with a strong and diverse background in mechanical design for optical assemblies to join our platforms team.  This position will be a key contributor in sustaining and developing the optomechanical assemblies in our lasers.  Responsibilities for this position include:


  • Mechanical design of optical assemblies
  • Design mechanisms for positioning and aligning optics (translation, tip/tilt focus, and  rotation).
  • Designing mounts for prisms, gratings, mirrors, and other optical components
  • Calculating mechanical tolerance stack ups, specifically as they effect optical alignment
  • Analyze the mechanical and thermal stability of optical assemblies using FEA and other analytical tools.
  • Contribute to the development of alignment and assembly processes for optical instruments
  • Collaborate with other engineering groups such as Optics engineers and Systems engineers on optical sub-assembly design.
  • Collaborate with vendors on the fabrication of mechanical parts, mechanisms, and optics
  • Other responsibilities may be added as business conditions arise


  • Requires a B.S in Mechanical or Optical Engineering. (M.S or Ph.D. Preferred)
  • Experience with optical adhesives
  • Knowledge of opto-mechanics
  • Experience designing optical assemblies
  • Experience designing mounts for optical components
  • Proficient with CAD software.
  • Strong working knowledge of optics





Brian Murray



The Photonics Group

Research Triangle Park, Durahm NC.