Opto-Mechanical Engineer

Reference Number: NL: OM-sr-CA

Company Brief:

Electro-Optic Infrared Components and Imaging Systems

Job Description:

Mechanical Engineer on teams which design and develop electro-optic systems, laser systems, ladar systems, imaging systems, and opto-mechanical assemblies for the military and commercial markets.

Job Qualifications:

  • BS/MS/PhD in Mechanical Engineering or the equivilant
  • 8+ years industry experience.
  • Strong experience designing opto-mechanical assemblies.
  • Strong experience designing hardware for production.
  • Some experience designing electro-optic systems.
  • Some experience in fabrication and manufacturing of optical systems, opto-mechanical assemblies, or electro-optic systems.

Please submit resume to: Nlasky@photonicsgrp.com