Thin Film Engineer

Reference Number: 2659D
Location: California

The Photonics Group
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Thin Film Engineer
Location:  Position can be based out of either Orange County, Ca or San Jose, Ca


Primary Responsibilities:

  • Develop, design and optimize optical thin film deposition processes to meet requirements and specifications, for ion beam sputtering, advanced plasma sputtering, ion assist and electron beam coating processes for out thin film coatings group
  • Working closely with design Engineers and technicians to resolve technical issues, you will perform troubleshooting and characterization of coating chambers processes
  • Responsible for characterization of the equipment coating process working with the team to reduce downtime
  • Manage defect issues, implement root cause solutions to those issues, and continuously promote and implementing process improvement, quality and cost performance
  • Responsible for the development and implementation of optical metrology testing, spectrophotometry, interferometry, photometry, absorption and laser damage testing which meet or exceed industry standards
  • Interface with engineering and production teams to improve coating routing /instructions, designs, and tooling for new and existing products
  • Support the team with process documentation and formalize work instruction documents supporting the coating process and training of technicians and machine maintenance process requirements


Job Requirements:

  • Bachelor Degree in Materials Science, Physics or one of the Engineering disciplines with 5 years of in-depth experience in a thin film manufacturing environment
  • Fundamental understanding of thin film optical coatings and applied material science techniques used in a production or research environment. Ion Beam Sputtering, Advanced Plasma Sputtering, Ion Assist and Electron beam systems and/ or sputtering and evaporation optical thin film technologies.
  • Experience with thin film software and a good understanding of optical thin film design
  • Knowledgeable in the following area:, optical thin film deposition, optical monitoring, high vacuum technology, optical measurements, monitoring and process controls
  • Solid background on correlation of process and coating equipment hardware
  • Understanding of SPC
  • Ability to interpret data and develop DOE’s to compliment that data
  • Ability to develop and present new ideas for future products or process equipment
  • Good trouble shooting and problem solving skills
  • Strong leadership and communication skills
  • Hands on experience in manufacturing operations and an understanding of manufacturing documentation and quality practices is required
  • Ability and desire to work in a team environment and to interact with production technicians and design engineers is essential
  • Computer proficiency using Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, & PowerPoint)
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