Sr. Photonics Engineer - CA

Reference Number: RJA - 27 July 18 ix
Location: Northern CA

Currently looking for Sr. Photonics Engineer with a deep understanding of integrated optics to compile an optical component library. Experience designing and validating photonic components, as well as subsystems, and optoelectronic circuits are required. In depth knowledge of optical modeling software, CAD layout tools, optical test equipment, and modeling software are also required. Deposition and etching experience are preferred. MUST hold Ph.D. in Optics, Physics or EE or an MS and 4+ years of experience. Full-time position, company located in the Bay Area, CA. Competitive salary, rapidly growing company.

Please contact me if this position is of interest to you. Thank you for your time.

Ryan Asher

The Photonics Group

Ph: 919-572-2292