Thin Film Process Engineer

Reference Number: 2460D
Location: Upstate New York

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Job title:  Optical Thin Film Process Engineer

Job Description:

This person be passionately committed to achieving success in a high challenge environment. Person must possess a demonstrated track record of quantifiable results in quality improvement, new business generation, and cost reduction.  A self-starter, this person receives minimal supervision and direction and thrives on “running with the ball”.  A driven, exacting team player, s/he significantly boosts the ability of the company to respond to customer needs through the development of robust processes and capabilities.    A methodologist and an innovator, s/he creates value for the customer and the company.  This person is a key member of the business growth cycle by providing timely and responsive input to the quotation, prototyping and sampling processes.

Job Requirements:


3-8 years experience in optical thin film processes and vacuum systems or Masters in Optics or related field and 1- 5 years of experience as above.


  • Process design and optimization
  • Problem identification and solving focused on root cause and corrective action
  • Project management
  • Customer relations
  • Teaching/training
  • Presentation/communication
  • Autocad or similar drafting software
  • Optical thin film design experience (TFCalc or similar)
  • Thin film characterization
  • Strong communication skills
  • Travel:   Some Travel Required up to 10%

Education/Experience Requirements:

  • Bachelors degree in Optics, physics, materials science or related science/engineering field

            3-8 years experience in optical thin film processes and vacuum systems or Masters in Optics or      related

  • Record of quantifiable revenue generation of new business development, cost reductions, and quality improvements
  • Optical coating experience


Hi Alison,


Please consider the resume of Yi Yang for the Measurements Development Engineer.  Here’s a brief profile:


Salary requirement:  90K+ with consideration for the cost of living

*  Green card holder

Question:  A key to the position is prior experience in project management.  Please discuss any project management experience you may have. 

Answer:  I spent last year serving in a Chinese firm. My work mainly involved identifying areas to cut cost, improve efficiency and develop new advertisement products. Therefore I gained some experience in project management. Through the process, I had meetings with technicians to discuss the design, and made sure we are on track. I also had opportunities to meet with our clients and partners to discuss what kind of products they require. So I think having a well thought out plan and make sure the project is divided into manageable deliverable segments is extremely important. I was also the lead for my PhD projects at Johns Hopkins and at the FDA.


Question:  Please address this job requirement citing any applicable experience you may have:

                Develop, lead, and/or facilitate the development of measurement

methods and capabilities for the characterization and evaluation of key attributes for existing, new, or modified products or their associated manufacturing processes.  Measurement development activities include both optical fiber and optical fiber cable processes and products.


Answer:  As for my PhD, an important aspect of my work is on developing measurement methods to test our system performance. Therefore, I have both the hardware and software experience in such areas. I've taken many courses regarding the physics of fiber, lasers, and semiconductors, which give me a broad knowledge base to lead future testing developments. My work at the FDA also involved training in setting up free space optics and characterizing the equipment. I was given the task to design an optical sensing system, and I made purchases, worked on hardware engineering, and connected different parts of the equipment through Labview. Therefore, I think I'm a fast learner and very versatile to new projects.


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David Bradley

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