Optics Fabrication Engineer

Reference Number: NL: FAB-sr-TX
Location: Texas

  • Overview:

    The role of this position is to oversee optical related projects and operations including the fabrication of optical products, precision optics, opto-mechanical assemblies, electro-optical assemblies, and optical thin film coatings.  

    Qualifications involve a B.S. degree in optics or an optics-related discipline plus at least 10 years industry experience in optical / opto-mechanical / electro-optical engineering, optics / opto-mechanical / electro-optical fabrication, optical / opto-mechanical / electro-optical product development.

    Job Description:

       This position supports the manufacturing of optical, opto-mechanical and electro-optical products.

       This position will be involved in the following functions:

    * project and product development;

    * transition designs from engineering to manufacturing / fabrication;

    * production of prototypes and products;

    * interface with customer, engineering, manufacturing, and marketing, to ensure compliance with customer needs;

    * interact with engineering management to develop ideas for new technology, product, and business development


       Education: B.S./M.S. in an optics related discipline including optical engineering, opto-mechanical engineering, or physics.

       Experience: strong optics industry experience, including specific experience in the following areas: optics fabrication, optical thin film coating, opto-mechanical products development, electro-optics development.

COMPANY INFORMATION:  This position will work with a company that develops optics for electro-optic products for commercial and military programs. Technology lines include: Optics, Optical Components, and Optical Assemblies for Electro-Optic Imaging and Sensor Systems. Optics and Electro-Optics for Laser Systems.

RECRUITER INFORMATION:  The Photonics Group, which recruit engineers nationwide for companies that design and manufacture optical, electro-optic, laser, and imaging systems.  Recruiter contact information is: nlasky@photonicsgrp.com 


TO APPLY: Please forward a resume (Word version preferred) to: nlasky@photonicsgrp.com