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Brian Murray, Recruiter
(919) 572-2292

Senior Technical Recruiter 

The Photonics Group

October 2003 – Present (10 years 3 months)Durham, North Carolina

I’ve always been in technical sales, selling solutions, network equipment, computers, hardware and software but moving into the technical recruiting area and having the ability to work with a lot of high level engineers and scientists has been my focus for the last 10 years. It's also a pleasure to have the client relationships that that I've had over the years.  

My primary segment of our portfolio includes commercial optic and laser systems manufacturers whose products include, industrial laser systems for cutting and welding, invasive surgery, commercial grade optical components for vision products, optical interconnects, display systems, high performance lasers and amplfiers, multifiber connectors, optical sensors, vision and sighting systems, high precision measurement instruments, laser trackers and scanners, spectral sensing, UV, VIS, NIR spectrometers, optical filters and coatings, femtosecond precision lasers, optical fibers, fiber lasers, precision glass and lenses, glass materials, inspection, metrology, and advanced lighting products.  

I still work with my traditional DoD business clientele which include military contractors who build high energy lasers, DPSS lasers, Directed energy laser systems, LIDAR, LADAR, IR cameras, night vision systems, laser range finders, targeting and fire control systems, sensor and detectors for reconnaissance and surveillance, along with space based electro-optical systems. 


Photonics, Optics, Lasers, Metrology, Thin Film, Electro-optics, Opto-mechanical, Electrical, Maching Vision, Imaging, Illumination, Military, Industrial, Commercial, ProE, Zemax, Modeling, Optical Test, Non Imaging, LEDs, CMSO, Matlab, electro mechanical, Displays, Lighting Technology, NIght Vision, Lense design, Commerical and Defense Industry, Optical systms, DWDM, high speed semiconductors

Duke University - 1974 - 1976

Mitchell College - 1972 - 1974



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3. Advice for Contacting Brian

 Any company looking for assistance in locating experienced optical and/or laser engineers or scientists please contact me at

Any engineer or scientist with an optical or laser industry background looking for a new opportunity please contact me at

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